About Me

Hey Everyone!

Heartiest Welcome to AksshitWadhwa.com.

Aksshit Wadhwa is a Fashion, Lifestyle, and Travel Blogger. He is the founder & face behind the blog – AksshitWadhwa.com. He began his life’s journey after leaving childhood in the field of Digital Marketing and Web Designing. During those days, he also evolved himself with the quality of good dressing sense. As thing become more noticeable and with many recommendations, in 2018 he launches this fashion blog with the 5-6 years of experience in the Digital Marketing field behinds.

Now, about Aksshitwadhwa.com, here you can see my personalised fashion attires, styles, different sides of dressing, tips on fashion,  styling and product reviews. 

On this website, He always try to show you genuine and worthy things, because he know what’s the value of your trust. So, with this note he wrap up this section, if you still want to know more about me then you can follow me on Instagram, here you can also see some more interesting stuff. Stay tuned…