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So directly coming to point, today guess what I have? Yes, the blaze look!

With changing plans, we need to switch our attire. Also, we can’t wear cool attire every time or everywhere. You need to change your look according to the demand of place or meeting.

So, today I am here to talk about a manly look, means all about the blazer.

Let’s get started with the combination of the blazer, how to set up blazer right?

Firstly, get stick to the right color and pattern which help you to fuse it with your other attire, and if you balanced proper design and color, then it doesn’t matter what you wear inside whether it is a t-shirt or shirt.


If you were thinking to wear a blazer casually then, you could wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, and surely it will look great. Now, its fitting part, fitting is essential it should not be too skinny or too loose, it fits like to be properly fit at the arm, and the sleeve should fall precisely above the hand.

A t-shirt works well with blazers. What can you wear extra to make your blazer more attractive? You can add watches, lapel pin, and a pocket square.

In last keep this point also in your mind that when you are styling with blazer maintain the difference between a casual and formal blazer.

Wrapping Time:

So, today I tried to make this article in a tutorial form, i.e., on blazer how you can use it more perfectly. Hope you like this article and please don’t forget to share your views in the comment section. So, with these words, I am signing off, see you soon.


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