Hey reader! It’s been a long time since I present you a new style because I am busy somewhere else to bring something new for my readers. So without wasting much time let’s get started with our segment.

Today I have a new pair which has the essence of a casual and elegant look. This look will bring up your genuineness with a straight statement. Now, its time for the in-depth analysis.

The shirt, I have picked is black and spread with the pattern of white squares all over it. The shirt is appropriately fit to my body not very skinny and not very loose. The fitting is essential not in this look, but in every style, you need to stick with your body structure.

I wear this shirt with a watch on my wrist and then another thing which you have noticed that the shirt is not tucked up inside the jeans.

The second tier of this look is the white jeans. White jeans have its attraction point. If it is with black, then the white jeans compliment the black shirt also.

Now to complete the look, we end up with these shiny black shoes. So, this is all a black patterned shirt, white jeans, and black shoes.

Merchandise Description:

Shirt: Jack and Jones

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: H&M Man

Wrapping Time:

So, guys, this is what I have brought for you. Hope you like this presentation, and I’m sure you guys will adopt this look. If you have any confusion tell me in the comment section or any feedback go through the comment section.


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