We all are now grown-ups in an age where we are dealing with the real face of the world, and it also states that the time has come where need to look our fashion styles.

We need to remove some of our simple fashion styles. Indirectly, I am saying that this is the time where you need to re-setup your wardrobe with a proper sense of clothing for the different perspective of life.

Now, you may be thinking that how you can rebuild your new wardrobe, well I have created so many fashion styles, and these fashion looks appropriately justify the men’s style and personality.

You can see these styles in the previous article, and another thing is, I am going to show you new look in this article, so without taking much time to let’s get started.

The calm sense of clothing inspires Today’s look. Almost every second youngster is stick with the typical cool attire, and they love it also. They want coolness in every gaze.

So, I thought why not I should try.

If, I’ll describe this look, then in the upper section, I have picked a multi-colored stripe t-shirt. Colors are beautiful, but what you need to learn is how to balance tone.

Same in the case of this t-shirt, I didn’t pick any randomly colored t-shirt, the colors of this t-shirt are balanced with each other, none of these colors is looking odd.

And the last point in the upper section is fitting is essential.

Now, move to the lower section, see how white jean complicates this t-shirt. It gives that wanted cool dapper look.

At the end to frame up the whole look, I have picked white sneakers, and with these white sneakers, a perfect cool attire’s picture is ready.

T-shirt : Invictus from Myntra

Jeans : H&M

Shoes : Converse

Wrapping Time:

So, It is done with today’s new look. I hope you like my vision of clothing. Before leaving don’t forget to share your feedback and views in the comment section and if you have any suggestion, then you can also share in the comment section.


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