June 2018


Hey readers! hopping all going well. So, today I am going to do the unboxing of my shopping bag. You may be thinking which shopping bag, I have mentioned here. Wait! Wait! I’ll tell you.

Recently, I was visited many fashion stores near me for bringing some new clothes. So, today I am showing the best combination of what I have brought. So, let’s get started.

Here, I bring a casual day to day pattern. You can go out with this look. It will add a cool quotient to your personality. So, we start with the upper section, here you will see a small dotted pattern shirt with inside a white tee. Along with these things a cool dapper black watch in the wrist. Most people go with the plain shirt, but you need some changes so that you will get attraction point. Don’t button up the shirt, go with the opened shirt.

As I said here you will get cool adaption, so you can be rolled up your sleeves. There is no issue with this thing here.

Now. let us move to the lower part, faded jeans make this look complete and avoid trousers here, just go with jeans.

It’s time to wrap up the whole look, so go with casual sneakers, as you see in the picture, I’ll be picked the white sneaker and these sneakers look so cool here.

Now to frame up this whole look, what about carrying a cool bag which compliments this whole presentation, as you see in the picture. Not a normal bag, but little stylish with cool dapper appearance.

Merchandise Description:

Shirt: Zara

Tshirt- Zara

Jeans: Vingino Jeans

Watch: Fastrack

Shoes: Converse

Wrapping Time:

Thanks for giving your precise time here, this is only motivating thing for me and that’s why I am bringing you new looks and style every time. Hope you like this look and it’s time to the signing off for this look. Meet you soon with the new look and the last thing, don’t forget to share your feedback in comment section.

How’s going, guys and welcome to this style hub. Today, I’ll be bringing something new for all the readers right there.

Today you will see a little different look from the everyday pattern. Here, I’ll be adopting some vibrant colors. Not a very complex look just a simple and little classic look. Shirt, white jeans with brown shoes and a dapper watch on the wrist, that’s it as simple as this.

But you will be thinking what’s change in this pattern, don’t worry I’ll tell you. Here, I have choosed a shirt with a distorted pattern printing on it and this thing makes the difference. That’s why I don’t pick the plain shirt. Another thing which makes the difference is the shirt is not tucked inside the jeans. Avoid the rolled up sleeves here because of this thing your whole look get disturbed.

A bright colored watch on the wrist is giving another positive point here. Its big round dial is making this look more flawless. Without wristwatch, this presentation looks incomplete.

Now comes with the bottom part, the white jeans gives here proper finishing. This white jeans here makes a major impact to complete this look. At the end to framing this whole style presentation, I’ll be picked brown shoes and we were done.

Merchandise Description:

Shirt:  Zara

Jeans: H&M

Watch: Diesel

Shoes: United Wardobe

Socks: H&M

Wrapping Time:

So, that’s it guys we were done with another look and just hoping you will like and admire this look, for all the suggestions and reviews comment section is available, I’ll be waiting for every time for your feedback. So, it’s time for signing off. Tada!!

Hey cool people, I am back with another different sort of fashion equation. Different must be there in any part of life not in our living but also in our style statement, it shows that you were following the law of nature in your style also.

Today, you will see the fusion of cool shirt with a black trouser. After listening to this you must be getting exciting to know more about this combination. It is really a different sort of fusion because of most people wear t-shirts with the jeans or chinos. But believe me with right combo you can merge your t-shirt with a black trouser. So, let us get started.

Fusion of T-shirt with Black Bottom

Starts with the t-shirt, here in this style combo, I’ll be picked a white t-shirt with black strips over it which gives a slightly different dapper of appearance. The important thing to be noticed here is your t-shirt should be perfectly fitted to your upper body. Don’t go with the loose or oversized t-shirt. With a t-shirt, you must wear a watch to give a cool appearance.

Now, its turn to the lower body, so now I’ll tell you how to fuse the t-shirt with formal looking trouser. To make this solution possible, I’ll be picked a black trouser and the main thing is here is I have tucked in the t-shirt in the trouser.

In the most bottom, brown shoes are there and these shoes will wrap this whole look.

For more cool t-shirts, you can check in the ajio online collection, where you will different shades of t-shirts and pick according to your choice and which suits you best.

Merchandise Description:

T-Shirt: Ajio

Trouser: John Players

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Shoes: United Wardobe

Socks: H&M

Wrapping Time:

So, it’s time for signing off from this look, hope you like this look, I have tried something different and if you like this then let me know in the comment section. Waiting for your reviews.


Welcome buddy!, it’s wonderful that you get some time from your busy and precise schedule to see what I had bought for you. Today, I am gonna share my some recent style pics from my latest photoshoot and also going to share info about my this look. So, let’s get started.

As you see in the pictures, that I’ll be bringing a straight clothing look with a dapper appearance of the formal style. Here, you will see the coloring pattern is also soluble, I mix it up with an olive green shirt with a black colored trouser along with these things a watch on mine wrist and in the bottom, I’ll pick brown color shoes with little appeared shocks.

As I earlier said, you will find it as little formal style because of the color mixing of my shirt with my trouser. The shirt’s color is a bit deeper and darker so that it easily create a color absorbing pattern with my trouser. Another thing which contributes to this little formal look is the tucked in shirt in the trouser. A watch in this look is like a cherry on the cake, it extracts your look better and enhances your attractiveness.

Now in the bottom part, the trouser which I have chosen is slim fitted and tied up with a black belt which graces its top linning. In the bottom part, another thing to be noticed is the shock, don’t go with the long shock, they are not up to mark with this look, just pick small length shock which appears little outside your shoes.

Merchandise Description:

Shirt: Mango

Trouser: John Players

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Shoes: United Wardobe

Socks: H&M

Wrapping Time:

That’s all from my side and it’s time to signing off from this look, hope you like it and get ready in few days with another style of fashion, lifestyle, and living.