July 2018


Hey readers, hope all going well.

One day a while back, I grabbed a cup of Starbucks, sat down, and read through a magazine about new trends in men fashion. And I realized one thing that men also start caring their dressing style.

So, to contribute to this thing, I’ll start my research and experiment new combinations, so that in the end I’ll be capable to bring something new for you guys. So, lets us get started.

In today’s look, there is a cool quotient present, as we start from the top, I have picked a black t-shirt and over it, a cool round necked jacket.

The jacket is a little trendy in style, not a simple one. This is also because I am presenting a outdoor look, the look in which you can hang out with your friends and colleagues.

A watch on the wrist also making sense here. It enhances the attractiveness of the look.

Now, in the lower part, go with the jeans as you see in the pictures. Here, I didn’t pick the trousers and chinos because they make it little simple and as I earlier mentioned that this is not a professional look, so bring out your black jeans with this look. In the shoe part, see how cool these converse sneakers are looking. Cool sneakers are the right choice here.

Merchandise Description:

Jacket: Jack and Jones

T-shirt: Smiley

Shoes: Converse

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Jeans: John Players

Wrapping Time:

That’s all from my side and it’s time to signing off from this look, hope you like it, don’t forget to share your experiences and feedback on these looks in the comment section. If you were new then you can find more style options on this website, check it out and get ready in few days with another style of fashion, lifestyle, and living.

Hey readers! hope all going well.

So, I pretty much sure that you loved Men in Black, well, I am talking about the movie, but yeah you were right the actors were also tremendous in there black attire. With this idea, I am presenting little same here. My today’s style is based on the black pattern clothing.

Presenting yourself in full black attire is not an easy task because to be full black is an art and to master this art is not easy. Because when we were in full black we have that fear that we were not looking too gothic.

But it also represents the confidence inside us at the same time. To wear complete black is not that difficult task if you ask me, just keep everything black, perfect fitting and simple. So, without wasting time let’s get started.


So, I picked a simple deep black shirt with no other pattern or color fusion, just a simple black shirt. Because pure black has the capability to mix up with another segment of clothing.

But here what I did is, I have rolled up the sleeves to make some changes and to break the simple and straight appearance of black clothing. To complete the upper body part, a watch on the wrist is the cool option.

In the lower body, I have picked a black jeans. A regular fit black jeans will be your best option, so make sure that it suits you perfectly and aren’t either too short or too long.

Now, its time to spin off the whole look, see that striped muffler hanging on my shoulders. This is my fusion of muffler with black attire.

Merchandise Description:

Shirt – Arrow
Jeans – John Players
Shoes – United Wardobe
Muffler – Burberry
Watch – Daniel Wellington

Wrapping Time:

Thanks for your valuable time, hope you like this segment, see you soon with a new fresh segment of clothing styles. Tada!