November 2018


Hello Readers!

I know you were already hiped with the excitement of the Diwali and who else is not excited because of this festival who’s another meaning is joy and happiness.

On this year Diwali is on 7th November, but we all know the shopping is on from many days before the Diwali.

Everyone loves to wear new clothes on Diwali and the best of the Diwali’s clothing we know the dress code with is heritage ethnic wear.

We prefer ethnic wear on Diwali and on another Indian festival because ethnic wear has their heritage essence which perfectly suites the taste of that festival.

Now, today I’ll show you how Indian men can dress up with an ethnic base and but a different look. Because you all know a common rule if you have to shine you need to look different and shiner.

With this thought let’s start the showcase.

This Diwali’s look is little fusion based look, in short, I mix up the modern texture with the Indian rich ethnic kurta based t-shirt.


On daytime when you were visiting your friend’s house, colleague’s or relative’s house you can wear this look, which is a white rich kurta based t-shirt and jeans in the lower.

The best part of this look is it perfectly holds the modernist in it and also shows the heritages on this festival.

Another look is for the celebration time, you can easily go with this look when you were celebrating the Diwali function in the night with your family and friends also when you were in the Diwali Pooja.


If I’ll describe this look, it has proper Indian styled kurta with a basket on it and as I above said today’s looks are created with a fusion of western style, so as of result jeans in the lower.

Wrapping Time:

So, that’s all from my side on Diwali’s wearing, now it’s your time to show your love, try these looks you can easily get these styles from FBB fashion stores near you, go and get it.

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In last a safe and happy Diwali to all. Tad….

Hey Readers!

Winters are almost at your doorstep and winters also bring a message and this message is for doing some changes in your wardrobe.

Winter’s style is full of styling layers from a hand knitted sweater to a trendy pullover. With too many clothes raise too many options.

Most of the time during winter we can’t wear proper warm suits or jackets, we required some casual and cool staples.

And don’t worry today you gonna meet one of these staples, so let’s get started.

As you seen in pictures I wore a pink pullover with black jeans. Combinations are too much important, sometimes it’s very important to maintain good color combination to flaunt your style as a wrong one can break it instantly.

A pink colored pullover creates a different style statement, a statement of change. According to myths, pink is for child’s, but believe me with the proper method you can easily conquer the art of pink wear.

Pink clothes show man’s masculine side and create an attraction point in your look.

In the bottom, the basic black jeans also compliment the pink pullover and to frame up this whole look wear sneakers in your feet and it just makes you super winter ready cool.

Merchandise Description:

Hoodie: H&M

Shades : Miniso

Jeans: Myntra

Shoes : Symbol by Amazon

Wrapping Time:

So, this is a teaser type of winter looks. Hope you like this presentations. Share your reviews and comments in the comment section.

If you want to buy above-presented stuff online, you can visit H&M exclusively.