Today! We’re talking about freedom and how we assemble freedom with the dressing.

Yes, clothing provides us the sense of freedom, not only the clothing but the main thing is how you maintain yourself.

There is no offence if you represent yourself with clothing, you can!

So, today’s look is totally on how freedomly you express yourself.

As you see in the picture, in these pictures the essences of freedom are spread all over.

In today’s look, I featured American eagle and the reason of their featuring is because their clothings has that feel of Individuality, Freedom, Difference.

With these American eagle articles represent your inner freshness and broke all the barriers of narrowness because you all deserve freedom, so just go and have it!

Merchandise Featured:

  • American Eagle

Wrapping Time:

So, that’s it for today guyz, hope you like it, don’t forget to share your views and feedback.

For more latest and trendy updates you can follow me on instagram. With note it’s time to leave, stay tuned!!!

For more latest and trendy updates you can follow me on instagram. With note it’s time to leave, stay tuned!!!

Hey Readers!

In order to pursue a successful life ahead, there is only one thing you need to work hard. You have to take new challenges daily after that at the end of the day you feel that satisfaction of what you have done with your hard work.

Every day with this thought, I start my day. But what about the break guys!

Yes, what happened many times that we indulge yourself so much in the work that we forgot that there is also other things to do. I mean to say that, a break is necessary after a certain.

It relaxes your mind and also gives you exposure. And yes it an important friend to experience this beautiful.

So,  two weeks back with same thought and situation, I took my backpack, set sleeves back and with my friends, I start my journey to Jaipur.

Yes, you read right, the pink city of our country.

And in this blog, I’ll share my travel experience to Jaipur. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started.

A perfect traveling experience is always missing if you didn’t travel by train. In India, for most of the people, it is their lifeline. They used to travel in a train almost from starting off their age.

And yes there is that open exposure touch in the train. You see different people of different eyes. So, I start my train journey to Jaipur in the afternoon, actually, this is due to my late reservation.

When we arrived at Jaipur station, it has been a 1’oclock in midnight, so little late but with a lot of crowds, Jaipur welcomed mine in their place.

Jaipur is known for its rich and heritage culture and they have reserved this culture for many years. And you will experience this thing from the station also.  Because they designed all public places with old heritage touch.

So, after arriving at the station we starting moving toward our hotel. We had booked our hotel near the railway station, it’s just 300 meters far from the railway station, so we decided to start walking.

After reaching hotel we just lay down on the beds and seriously, I don’t when I drown down in sleep, because it’s a hard day for all of us because of the train journey. So, it is the end of the first day.

A hybrid environment with little cool in the morning, we wake up at 7’o clock and our trip’s second has been started.

We planned our trip just to cover the Jaipur part and we have only three days. So we just ask the hotel manager and he helps us to find a good traveling agent and we booked a traveling agent along with the vehicle.

He gave us time to be ready at 10:30’o clock to start our journey.

After a light breakfast, we start our outing.

Jaipur is basically well-known for it’s Royal Environment, so when you start outing in Jaipur you will see many forts around you.

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So, we started from Birla Temple, Albert Einstein Museum, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, The City Palace and in the end we had sum up our day two at Jal Mahal.

Jal Mahal

Einstein Museum

Definitely, Jaipur has that royalty in its air, by visiting these places we feel that environment how Maharajas were used to lived and got to know about their lifestyle.

They build their fort in such a giant manner. In every fort, there is sometimes different.

On day two along with visiting these places, we had experienced great Jaipuri flavored food. Their food had that spiciness but it doesn’t affect the taste, but it enhances the taste.

There is ethnic and 5-stared resort named Chokhi Dhani, if you want to have some tasty and Jaipuri flavored food then you can visit this place. This place has that traditional touch in its architecture and picturesque dwellings set in a lush green landscape

After this long day, we came back to the hotel at 7 P.M.

Yah! it’s tirey na! But don’t worry there so much left in day three. So let’s head to the day 3.

We left our day three only for the field view of Jaipur. We had planned that we will visit Jantar Mantar, GaltaJi Temple and after that, we will do shopping, excited! yes then see what we do.

We start from the Jantar Mantar, an astronomy research workplace for the astrologer. At this place, there are so many giant-sized instruments. Astrologer’s use these instruments to do the calculations.

After that we headed to GaltaJi Temple, here we filled with religious air. We had that amazing feeling by visiting this place, surrounded by mountains and also with monkeys.

Galta Ji Temple:

Now what left for day 3 is shopping, no no we had left something less also, what? The Hawa Mahal.

We planned that we visit Hawa Mahal during our shopping because there is a very famous old Jaipuri market near Hawa Mahal.

We’ve done a lot of shopping. We started with Johari Bazar, near Chandpole Station, after we headed towards Choti Chopad and Badi Chopad, in the end, we complete our shopping at Tibatti Market.

And we come back to the hotel. We had to come back the next day to New Delhi. So we slept timely.

That how we ended our Jaipur trip. We came back with a lot of stories and with a lovely and refreshing experience.

So that’s it I am done and don’t forgot to keep supporting and loving as usual Tada!

Hello Readers!

I know you were already hiped with the excitement of the Diwali and who else is not excited because of this festival who’s another meaning is joy and happiness.

On this year Diwali is on 7th November, but we all know the shopping is on from many days before the Diwali.

Everyone loves to wear new clothes on Diwali and the best of the Diwali’s clothing we know the dress code with is heritage ethnic wear.

We prefer ethnic wear on Diwali and on another Indian festival because ethnic wear has their heritage essence which perfectly suites the taste of that festival.

Now, today I’ll show you how Indian men can dress up with an ethnic base and but a different look. Because you all know a common rule if you have to shine you need to look different and shiner.

With this thought let’s start the showcase.

This Diwali’s look is little fusion based look, in short, I mix up the modern texture with the Indian rich ethnic kurta based t-shirt.


On daytime when you were visiting your friend’s house, colleague’s or relative’s house you can wear this look, which is a white rich kurta based t-shirt and jeans in the lower.

The best part of this look is it perfectly holds the modernist in it and also shows the heritages on this festival.

Another look is for the celebration time, you can easily go with this look when you were celebrating the Diwali function in the night with your family and friends also when you were in the Diwali Pooja.


If I’ll describe this look, it has proper Indian styled kurta with a basket on it and as I above said today’s looks are created with a fusion of western style, so as of result jeans in the lower.

Wrapping Time:

So, that’s all from my side on Diwali’s wearing, now it’s your time to show your love, try these looks you can easily get these styles from FBB fashion stores near you, go and get it.

You can follow me on my social media handle’s for new updates related to fashion and don’t forget to share your views and comments in the comment section and you can directly send me messages on social media handles.

In last a safe and happy Diwali to all. Tad….

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Winters are almost at your doorstep and winters also bring a message and this message is for doing some changes in your wardrobe.

Winter’s style is full of styling layers from a hand knitted sweater to a trendy pullover. With too many clothes raise too many options.

Most of the time during winter we can’t wear proper warm suits or jackets, we required some casual and cool staples.

And don’t worry today you gonna meet one of these staples, so let’s get started.

As you seen in pictures I wore a pink pullover with black jeans. Combinations are too much important, sometimes it’s very important to maintain good color combination to flaunt your style as a wrong one can break it instantly.

A pink colored pullover creates a different style statement, a statement of change. According to myths, pink is for child’s, but believe me with the proper method you can easily conquer the art of pink wear.

Pink clothes show man’s masculine side and create an attraction point in your look.

In the bottom, the basic black jeans also compliment the pink pullover and to frame up this whole look wear sneakers in your feet and it just makes you super winter ready cool.

Merchandise Description:

Hoodie: H&M

Shades : Miniso

Jeans: Myntra

Shoes : Symbol by Amazon

Wrapping Time:

So, this is a teaser type of winter looks. Hope you like this presentations. Share your reviews and comments in the comment section.

If you want to buy above-presented stuff online, you can visit H&M exclusively.

Hey Reader!

Hope all going well.

So directly coming to point, today guess what I have? Yes, the blaze look!

With changing plans, we need to switch our attire. Also, we can’t wear cool attire every time or everywhere. You need to change your look according to the demand of place or meeting.

So, today I am here to talk about a manly look, means all about the blazer.

Let’s get started with the combination of the blazer, how to set up blazer right?

Firstly, get stick to the right color and pattern which help you to fuse it with your other attire, and if you balanced proper design and color, then it doesn’t matter what you wear inside whether it is a t-shirt or shirt.


If you were thinking to wear a blazer casually then, you could wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, and surely it will look great. Now, its fitting part, fitting is essential it should not be too skinny or too loose, it fits like to be properly fit at the arm, and the sleeve should fall precisely above the hand.

A t-shirt works well with blazers. What can you wear extra to make your blazer more attractive? You can add watches, lapel pin, and a pocket square.

In last keep this point also in your mind that when you are styling with blazer maintain the difference between a casual and formal blazer.

Wrapping Time:

So, today I tried to make this article in a tutorial form, i.e., on blazer how you can use it more perfectly. Hope you like this article and please don’t forget to share your views in the comment section. So, with these words, I am signing off, see you soon.

We all are now grown-ups in an age where we are dealing with the real face of the world, and it also states that the time has come where need to look our fashion styles.

We need to remove some of our simple fashion styles. Indirectly, I am saying that this is the time where you need to re-setup your wardrobe with a proper sense of clothing for the different perspective of life.

Now, you may be thinking that how you can rebuild your new wardrobe, well I have created so many fashion styles, and these fashion looks appropriately justify the men’s style and personality.

You can see these styles in the previous article, and another thing is, I am going to show you new look in this article, so without taking much time to let’s get started.

The calm sense of clothing inspires Today’s look. Almost every second youngster is stick with the typical cool attire, and they love it also. They want coolness in every gaze.

So, I thought why not I should try.

If, I’ll describe this look, then in the upper section, I have picked a multi-colored stripe t-shirt. Colors are beautiful, but what you need to learn is how to balance tone.

Same in the case of this t-shirt, I didn’t pick any randomly colored t-shirt, the colors of this t-shirt are balanced with each other, none of these colors is looking odd.

And the last point in the upper section is fitting is essential.

Now, move to the lower section, see how white jean complicates this t-shirt. It gives that wanted cool dapper look.

At the end to frame up the whole look, I have picked white sneakers, and with these white sneakers, a perfect cool attire’s picture is ready.

T-shirt : Invictus from Myntra

Jeans : H&M

Shoes : Converse

Wrapping Time:

So, It is done with today’s new look. I hope you like my vision of clothing. Before leaving don’t forget to share your feedback and views in the comment section and if you have any suggestion, then you can also share in the comment section.

Hey reader! It’s been a long time since I present you a new style because I am busy somewhere else to bring something new for my readers. So without wasting much time let’s get started with our segment.

Today I have a new pair which has the essence of a casual and elegant look. This look will bring up your genuineness with a straight statement. Now, its time for the in-depth analysis.

The shirt, I have picked is black and spread with the pattern of white squares all over it. The shirt is appropriately fit to my body not very skinny and not very loose. The fitting is essential not in this look, but in every style, you need to stick with your body structure.

I wear this shirt with a watch on my wrist and then another thing which you have noticed that the shirt is not tucked up inside the jeans.

The second tier of this look is the white jeans. White jeans have its attraction point. If it is with black, then the white jeans compliment the black shirt also.

Now to complete the look, we end up with these shiny black shoes. So, this is all a black patterned shirt, white jeans, and black shoes.

Merchandise Description:

Shirt: Jack and Jones

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: H&M Man

Wrapping Time:

So, guys, this is what I have brought for you. Hope you like this presentation, and I’m sure you guys will adopt this look. If you have any confusion tell me in the comment section or any feedback go through the comment section.

Hey Readers!, hope all going well. It’s great that you spend some of your precise time here and trust me this my inspiration to do something extraordinary and beneficiary work for all my readers and visitors right there and with this thought, I’ll bring something new every time. So, move to the central section that is our review part.

Today, I’ll be going to review the “The Man Company’s Charcoal Peel-Off Mask | Moringa & Gooseberry.”  So, without wasting much time let’s get started.

Before starting the review of this product, I want to clarify one thing that this product is for men right there.

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Whats happening today, pollution, bad air, dust, pollutants are revolving around us. These all things were deploying our face. Today, most of the men were living in the cities and those who were not from cities, they also were moved to cities for there studies or for seeking the job. They travel from the morning and reach home in the evenings or the late evening.

In the whole day, the outer world’s pollution makes there face dull and ugly, and the face seems to be lifeless. These dust and pollution filled our skin’s pores.

Sometime during our outing, we can’t take enough liquid in the day, and it results in the oily skin which also looks terrible.

Face skin tanning is also an annoying issue during our outing. During under the sun, our face skin got overexposure and get a little tan.

In the end, our skin is not last with oil, but we got blackheads, acne, pimples, skin problems on our skin. Oh! Such an annoying and irritating thing.

To solve this problem, what actual we do is we start buying different beauty products for oily skin, for blackheads, for pimples, and for skin tanning. In short, we buy a complete shopping bag of the different product for the different skin problem. Is this another annoying things, buying different products for different skin issues?

If yes then this review for you, today, I’ll present you a simple and effective solution for all these skin mentioned above issues. You don’t need to buy the product for blackheads, not for pimples and acne and also not for skin tanning, buy one product, and that product is The Man Company’s Charcoal Peel-Off Mask | Moringa & Gooseberry. This face wash is the complete solution for all these skin issues.

Short Review: The Man Company’s Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

  • Get rid of Excess Oil
  • Vanish the Anti-ageing
  • Removes Blackheads and Dead Skin
  • Added Moringa and Gooseberry for hydration and oil removal.
  • Sulphate & Paraben free

About The Man Company’s Charcoal Peel-Off Mask | Moringa & Gooseberry:

It is a peel-off mask based product, and this mask contains the essence of Moringa and Gooseberry. The manufacturer of this product is the “The Man Company.” You can get rid of all these issues by using The Man Company Charcoal Peel-Off Mask! Moreover, this is not made up with a new formula or new solution; the peel-off method is ancient and useful to get rid of various skin problems. However, to make this peel-off mask different from another peel-off mask, it comes with the addition of Moringa and Gooseberry. It is like a cherry on the cake thing.

Working: The Man Company’s Charcoal Peel-Off Mask | Moringa & Gooseberry:

This peel-off mask fulfills your skin with all the needed things and performs these things on the skin which makes your more healthier, brighter and glowing.

  • Peel-Off Mask Action: The mask settles on to your skin after application and firms up, trapping the Once set, the peel-off action removes the mask layer and with it, the impurities, the tanned dead skin as well as the blackheads.
  • Dynamic Cleaning: This Activated Charcoal face mask is a powerful cleansing tool at your disposal because of its proven super ingredient. Activated charcoal has been known to have the potency that few other materials can match. It is highly porous and has a vast surface area that allows it to absorb dirt and impurities. Added to the mask, it does so with the unwanted particles on your skin.
  • Regular Ingredients: The unique things, i.e., Moringa & Gooseberry, which were the natural super ingredients that help remove oil and hydrate your skin simultaneously. For removal of excess oil, Gooseberry is the best option and to hydrate the skin; Moringa is the best option. It is essential to maintain your skin’s moisture balance while removing the right amount of oil from it, as dry skin produces even more oil that can cause acne and breakouts. This peel-off face mask works wonders even while it is on your skin.


Purified Aqua, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Multani Mitti, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Iron Oxide Black, Activated Charcoal, Niacinamide, Moringa Oleifera Extract, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Extract, Emblica Officinalis (Amla) Extract, Citric Acid, Allantoin, Lavender Essential Oil

When and How to use:

According to its makers, they have advised that use this peel-off mask at least once a week for you to experience optimal blackhead removal, de-tanning, oil-removal and toning effects.

Steps How to Use:

  • Firstly, wash your face with any moisturizer soup or any soap you like, after that pat, it dry using a towel.
  • A spatula gave in the box use that much and applied a paper thin layer of the Activated Charcoal Peel-Off Mask onto your face evenly, avoiding the area around your eyes and lips.
  • Hold your patience and wait for the 10-20 min and this depends on the humidity level.
  • With soft hand remove that mask from your dry face and then rinse your face thoroughly with warm water.
  • Notice the immediate blackhead removal and smoother skin.
  • One thing make sure no residue of the Activated Charcoal Peel-Off Mask remains on your skin.
  • After this process, apply a moisturizer after use for healthy & radiant skin.

Wrapping Time:

Thanks for being such patience, I am sure you like this peel-off mask from the ” The Man Company.” If you were facing these skin problems then must go and use it and tell us in the comment section, and we will bring some other beneficiary products and other stuff in our next articles. So for that time take care and keep exploring!

Maintaining ourselves is really a true art and conquer this thing you need to be master. In this maintaining process, it includes your presentation skills, dressing sense and for men their hairstyle. For those who work as a professional, it shows how discipline they are.

Best Mens Hairstyles

The haircut has its own value and this value will change accordingly to the age. Remember those school days when we have to be stick with a small hairstyle, after that when we move to our higher studies in college then we choose different hairstyles, so all these changes occur in our hairstyle as we moving forward in our life.

But what matters most is always pick that hairstyle which suits you most. Presently there are plenty of hairstyles available. And in this article, I’ll show you these different types of hairstyle with a short review. So without wasting time let’s get started.

List of Best Mens Haircut:

Undercut with high fringe:

In this style, you will see short hair in the bottom of your head and on the top, the hairs will be long or uncut. This hairstyle come under the cool hairstyles.

Long hairs in back pressed mode:

Here, short hair in the bottom and leave long hair in the top. The difference between first style and this one is here, you have to press back your hair.

Fusion of hair with beard style:

Make a long hair combination with proper trimmed and shaped beard.

Three Step Shades:

This one is my favorite one because it perfectly suits more simple guys. In this style, we have short hairs in the bottom after that there is another step of hair with little more hairs and in the top long hairs are there.

Only Side Cut Shade:

A side cut with properly dressed hairs using hair dryer from the top makes you damn cool.

Grubby Hairs:

A messy pattern with deep side cut. Spread your hairs on your forehead.

Hairs with quiff pattern:

This hairstyle is trending one, here the faded hairs add a cool quotient in your personality.

High Fringes on the top with a control line and short hair in the bottom:

High hairs on the top and short trimmed on the bottom and these two shades are separated by a line. This one is really a unique style.

Grubby hairs with a control line:

This one is little same as above one, the difference is in this style the hair on the top is in a messy and curl pattern.

Bald side with curly hair on top:

If you have curly hairs, then try this one. Totally fade sides with long curly fringes on the top. More in this style you can do is spread these fringes on your forehead.

Elegant Mens Haircut:

Not multi shades just proper dressing from sides, pressed back hairs and a neat classic look.

Short Hairs with little bald side:

For summers, this one is best. Short hairs on the top and side are faded off with bottom length.

Undercut with high messy fringes:

This style is the idol for those who have long thick hairs. Leave your hairs little messy on the top and cut all the hairs from the bottom.

High Curls with framing:

This one is for those who have curly hairs. Leave high curly fringes and leave short hair in the bottom and create an outline which separates your curls and short hairs.

Turned back quiff:

Short bald hairs with high fringes and in the front the hairs are turned back. According to me, this hairstyle is the cool one for the new ones in the youth.

Small side part cut with long hairs:

Only some part of your side are cut down and in the top, the hairs are pressed back to the back. Super cool undercut meets pompadour and when it meets pompadour it meets mullet.

Curls in the twisted pattern:

Wonderful wild and characteristically curved twists with a low uncovered bottom.

Spikes on the peak hairstyle:

An exceptionally cool haircut for men. This look highlights medium length spiky finished hair on top with a mid blur and a facial hair.

Hawk with side cut:

Marvelous careful part hair outline that differentiates the side cut with the blur touch. Twists on top are left longer to give that frohawk look.

Long fringes pasted on the forehead:

The major majority of the short hairstyles we have seen of late have shorter limit trim edges. This short hairstyle looks cooler with the more drawn out fringes and matches pleasantly with the beard.

Special tips for maintaining hair’s health:

  • Avoid daily washing of hairs, only two or thrice in a week.
  • Avoid hard rubbing, just go with gentle drying.
  • If your hairs are thin, then avoid tight comb
  • Avoid heated shower, if possible then just go with the cold shower.

Wrapping Time:

This one is our exclusive article on the men’s hairstyle, I have shown different styles over there according to the different level and hair textures. Hope you like these styles. Tell us in the comment section. We will admire your feedback.

Hey readers, hope all going well.

One day a while back, I grabbed a cup of Starbucks, sat down, and read through a magazine about new trends in men fashion. And I realized one thing that men also start caring their dressing style.

So, to contribute to this thing, I’ll start my research and experiment new combinations, so that in the end I’ll be capable to bring something new for you guys. So, lets us get started.

In today’s look, there is a cool quotient present, as we start from the top, I have picked a black t-shirt and over it, a cool round necked jacket.

The jacket is a little trendy in style, not a simple one. This is also because I am presenting a outdoor look, the look in which you can hang out with your friends and colleagues.

A watch on the wrist also making sense here. It enhances the attractiveness of the look.

Now, in the lower part, go with the jeans as you see in the pictures. Here, I didn’t pick the trousers and chinos because they make it little simple and as I earlier mentioned that this is not a professional look, so bring out your black jeans with this look. In the shoe part, see how cool these converse sneakers are looking. Cool sneakers are the right choice here.

Merchandise Description:

Jacket: Jack and Jones

T-shirt: Smiley

Shoes: Converse

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Jeans: John Players

Wrapping Time:

That’s all from my side and it’s time to signing off from this look, hope you like it, don’t forget to share your experiences and feedback on these looks in the comment section. If you were new then you can find more style options on this website, check it out and get ready in few days with another style of fashion, lifestyle, and living.