Mens Hairstyle


Maintaining ourselves is really a true art and conquer this thing you need to be master. In this maintaining process, it includes your presentation skills, dressing sense and for men their hairstyle. For those who work as a professional, it shows how discipline they are.

Best Mens Hairstyles

The haircut has its own value and this value will change accordingly to the age. Remember those school days when we have to be stick with a small hairstyle, after that when we move to our higher studies in college then we choose different hairstyles, so all these changes occur in our hairstyle as we moving forward in our life.

But what matters most is always pick that hairstyle which suits you most. Presently there are plenty of hairstyles available. And in this article, I’ll show you these different types of hairstyle with a short review. So without wasting time let’s get started.

List of Best Mens Haircut:

Undercut with high fringe:

In this style, you will see short hair in the bottom of your head and on the top, the hairs will be long or uncut. This hairstyle come under the cool hairstyles.

Long hairs in back pressed mode:

Here, short hair in the bottom and leave long hair in the top. The difference between first style and this one is here, you have to press back your hair.

Fusion of hair with beard style:

Make a long hair combination with proper trimmed and shaped beard.

Three Step Shades:

This one is my favorite one because it perfectly suits more simple guys. In this style, we have short hairs in the bottom after that there is another step of hair with little more hairs and in the top long hairs are there.

Only Side Cut Shade:

A side cut with properly dressed hairs using hair dryer from the top makes you damn cool.

Grubby Hairs:

A messy pattern with deep side cut. Spread your hairs on your forehead.

Hairs with quiff pattern:

This hairstyle is trending one, here the faded hairs add a cool quotient in your personality.

High Fringes on the top with a control line and short hair in the bottom:

High hairs on the top and short trimmed on the bottom and these two shades are separated by a line. This one is really a unique style.

Grubby hairs with a control line:

This one is little same as above one, the difference is in this style the hair on the top is in a messy and curl pattern.

Bald side with curly hair on top:

If you have curly hairs, then try this one. Totally fade sides with long curly fringes on the top. More in this style you can do is spread these fringes on your forehead.

Elegant Mens Haircut:

Not multi shades just proper dressing from sides, pressed back hairs and a neat classic look.

Short Hairs with little bald side:

For summers, this one is best. Short hairs on the top and side are faded off with bottom length.

Undercut with high messy fringes:

This style is the idol for those who have long thick hairs. Leave your hairs little messy on the top and cut all the hairs from the bottom.

High Curls with framing:

This one is for those who have curly hairs. Leave high curly fringes and leave short hair in the bottom and create an outline which separates your curls and short hairs.

Turned back quiff:

Short bald hairs with high fringes and in the front the hairs are turned back. According to me, this hairstyle is the cool one for the new ones in the youth.

Small side part cut with long hairs:

Only some part of your side are cut down and in the top, the hairs are pressed back to the back. Super cool undercut meets pompadour and when it meets pompadour it meets mullet.

Curls in the twisted pattern:

Wonderful wild and characteristically curved twists with a low uncovered bottom.

Spikes on the peak hairstyle:

An exceptionally cool haircut for men. This look highlights medium length spiky finished hair on top with a mid blur and a facial hair.

Hawk with side cut:

Marvelous careful part hair outline that differentiates the side cut with the blur touch. Twists on top are left longer to give that frohawk look.

Long fringes pasted on the forehead:

The major majority of the short hairstyles we have seen of late have shorter limit trim edges. This short hairstyle looks cooler with the more drawn out fringes and matches pleasantly with the beard.

Special tips for maintaining hair’s health:

  • Avoid daily washing of hairs, only two or thrice in a week.
  • Avoid hard rubbing, just go with gentle drying.
  • If your hairs are thin, then avoid tight comb
  • Avoid heated shower, if possible then just go with the cold shower.

Wrapping Time:

This one is our exclusive article on the men’s hairstyle, I have shown different styles over there according to the different level and hair textures. Hope you like these styles. Tell us in the comment section. We will admire your feedback.