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In order to pursue a successful life ahead, there is only one thing you need to work hard. You have to take new challenges daily after that at the end of the day you feel that satisfaction of what you have done with your hard work.

Every day with this thought, I start my day. But what about the break guys!

Yes, what happened many times that we indulge yourself so much in the work that we forgot that there is also other things to do. I mean to say that, a break is necessary after a certain.

It relaxes your mind and also gives you exposure. And yes it an important friend to experience this beautiful.

So,  two weeks back with same thought and situation, I took my backpack, set sleeves back and with my friends, I start my journey to Jaipur.

Yes, you read right, the pink city of our country.

And in this blog, I’ll share my travel experience to Jaipur. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started.

A perfect traveling experience is always missing if you didn’t travel by train. In India, for most of the people, it is their lifeline. They used to travel in a train almost from starting off their age.

And yes there is that open exposure touch in the train. You see different people of different eyes. So, I start my train journey to Jaipur in the afternoon, actually, this is due to my late reservation.

When we arrived at Jaipur station, it has been a 1’oclock in midnight, so little late but with a lot of crowds, Jaipur welcomed mine in their place.

Jaipur is known for its rich and heritage culture and they have reserved this culture for many years. And you will experience this thing from the station also.  Because they designed all public places with old heritage touch.

So, after arriving at the station we starting moving toward our hotel. We had booked our hotel near the railway station, it’s just 300 meters far from the railway station, so we decided to start walking.

After reaching hotel we just lay down on the beds and seriously, I don’t when I drown down in sleep, because it’s a hard day for all of us because of the train journey. So, it is the end of the first day.

A hybrid environment with little cool in the morning, we wake up at 7’o clock and our trip’s second has been started.

We planned our trip just to cover the Jaipur part and we have only three days. So we just ask the hotel manager and he helps us to find a good traveling agent and we booked a traveling agent along with the vehicle.

He gave us time to be ready at 10:30’o clock to start our journey.

After a light breakfast, we start our outing.

Jaipur is basically well-known for it’s Royal Environment, so when you start outing in Jaipur you will see many forts around you.

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So, we started from Birla Temple, Albert Einstein Museum, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, The City Palace and in the end we had sum up our day two at Jal Mahal.

Jal Mahal

Einstein Museum

Definitely, Jaipur has that royalty in its air, by visiting these places we feel that environment how Maharajas were used to lived and got to know about their lifestyle.

They build their fort in such a giant manner. In every fort, there is sometimes different.

On day two along with visiting these places, we had experienced great Jaipuri flavored food. Their food had that spiciness but it doesn’t affect the taste, but it enhances the taste.

There is ethnic and 5-stared resort named Chokhi Dhani, if you want to have some tasty and Jaipuri flavored food then you can visit this place. This place has that traditional touch in its architecture and picturesque dwellings set in a lush green landscape

After this long day, we came back to the hotel at 7 P.M.

Yah! it’s tirey na! But don’t worry there so much left in day three. So let’s head to the day 3.

We left our day three only for the field view of Jaipur. We had planned that we will visit Jantar Mantar, GaltaJi Temple and after that, we will do shopping, excited! yes then see what we do.

We start from the Jantar Mantar, an astronomy research workplace for the astrologer. At this place, there are so many giant-sized instruments. Astrologer’s use these instruments to do the calculations.

After that we headed to GaltaJi Temple, here we filled with religious air. We had that amazing feeling by visiting this place, surrounded by mountains and also with monkeys.

Galta Ji Temple:

Now what left for day 3 is shopping, no no we had left something less also, what? The Hawa Mahal.

We planned that we visit Hawa Mahal during our shopping because there is a very famous old Jaipuri market near Hawa Mahal.

We’ve done a lot of shopping. We started with Johari Bazar, near Chandpole Station, after we headed towards Choti Chopad and Badi Chopad, in the end, we complete our shopping at Tibatti Market.

And we come back to the hotel. We had to come back the next day to New Delhi. So we slept timely.

That how we ended our Jaipur trip. We came back with a lot of stories and with a lovely and refreshing experience.

So that’s it I am done and don’t forgot to keep supporting and loving as usual Tada!